The Wallace family moved around a lot. Just during his marriage to Mary, J O Wallace and his family lived in over 50 houses! Here are a few from his life:

"Dogtrot" House

This is a dogtrot house like the Wallace share cropper home where J.O. was born. One of the more ingenious methods of cooling in the days before air conditioning, the dogtrot house originated in the southern Appalachian Mountain region. It is distinguished by an open breezeway that extends through the center of the house, off of which open the rooms. With this design, cooling breezes flow thru the open core into rooms where windows on exterior walls create cross-ventilation.

Bemis, TN

This is a Bemis, TN company duplex like the ones the Wallace's lived in 1924 while working for the company.

Other homes in Bemis, TN that the Wallace's lived in between 1924 - 1941

44th and Delaware, Nashville, TN

The Wallace family sitting outside their home at 44th and Delware in Nashville, TN. J. O. Wallace lived here before he received his draft notice in 1942.

1816 Pearl, Nashville, TN - 1942

The Wallace family home at 1816 Pearl in Nashville, TN. (1942)

Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN

The Hardwick home on Charlotte Pike in Nashville, TN. (1946)

Woodmont Blvd, Nashville, TN

Woodmont Blvd - 1950. JO and his family lived here while pastoring the Woodbine United Pentecostal Church. He also delivered milk and attended Peabody college.

Halliday and Compton, St. Louis, MO

Halliday and Compton duplex in St. Louis, MO. J O lived here while serving as United Pentecostal Publishing house manager.

5005 Delaware, Nashville, TN

5005 Delaware duplex in Nashville, TN built by J.W. Wallace (1950) behind the church. Mary Wallace started a day care center in the basement.

Primghar Drive, St. Louis, MO

Primghar in St. Louis, MO. 1973 - 1978.

Saddle Drive, Bellevue, TN

Saddle Drive in Bellevue, TN. 1978 - 1979.

Columbus, MS

Columbus, MS near Joel and Rosie Edwards home. This house was on 24 acres and had a pool. 1992 - 1994

6125 Stillmeadow Drive, Nashville, TN

6125 Stillmeadow in Nashville, TN. This is the house that J O passed away in with his family by his side.